[amsat-bb] High School High Altitude Balloon Launch

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Wed Nov 11 03:10:11 UTC 2015

What a terrific project!  Keep us informed on the mission.  I hope 
everyone will chip in a few dollars to help your club out.

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Hi, its Skyler Fennell KD0WHB, I am a Senior in High School, and started
the Colorado Amateur Satellite net (amsatnet.info).

This year, I have started an Amateur Radio club at my School (Denver School
of the Arts Amateur Radio Club , KE0FXH) , and we have decided we want to
build a payload for the Edge of Space Sciences launch in *February of 2016.*

We plan on performing an Amateur Radio experiment to either test RF
propagation at the elevation or send data packets of live information or
both. Although I have plenty of parts laying around for transmitting and
receiving RF signals, and processors like the Arudino or raspberry pi, for
the live data, the trip will cost us $350 to get a payload on the 100,000
foot balloon launch.

This Amateur Radio club is almost entirely student funded, and I have
already brought in stuff for a Fox Hunt, the construction of an AllStar/
EchoLink repeater, and now we are building a Morse code transceiver. The
next project will be the Balloon payload, given that we get the funds for
the Launch.

I would greatly appreciate if anybody would be willing to donate a bit to
the club for support of the High Altitude Balloon Launch. I believe this
launch will inspire many students to learn about Science and Technology,
and inspire them to get a ham license.

Here is a donation link. The video shows a payload, which I helped design
for the STEM school in highlands ranch, Colorado, a sound propagation


Our club contains 5 Licensed amateurs so far, and we are recruiting more.
We meet during lunch hour in one of the Science rooms.

73, and Thanks from

Skyler Fennell KD0WHB - President, Founder, Trusty of the club Call
Jordan Walters KD0MLV - Co-founder
Ian Tompkins KE0GET
Christopher Banchero - KE0DTG
Dong Lee - KD0ZOE
Other Students in the club, who plan on soon getting their ham license.


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