[amsat-bb] AO-85 SWL report

David at746david at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 11:46:25 UTC 2015

El 09/11/15 a las 10:10, David escribió:

 >> SWL report of AO-85 during its orbit #456 + 11mins at 09:39 UTC
 >> No telemetry heard.
 >> No beacon heard.
 >> Is sat still on COR mode?

 > El 09/11/15 a las 10:18, Dani escribió:

 >That's a bit weird, isn't it? VK5HI reported telemetry at 6:25 UTC today:

 > http://amsat.org/tlm/ao85/201511082225427.txt

 > I coincide in the opinion that the audio is clearer without DUV 

 > 73,

 > Dani M0HXM/EA4GPZ.

Hi all:

Now orbit #457 + 12 minutes

Double checked. No telemetry at all neither in this pass. EA1JM confirms 
the same.Satellite was busy and several stations were making QSOs.

At least from my side, same comments and feelings as in my previous RXed 
pass: Nothing have changed regarding the uplink issues and downlink 
quality looks to be better (Both audio and signal strength) than when in 
the normal modes.

Question: I understood that the uplink dificulties were related to some 
issues regarding 67Hz reception on the sat. If the COR mode doesnt 
handle 67Hz at all and is an "Open Squelch" mode... Should not "life be 
easier" to be repeated by the sat?.

David EA4SG  

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