[amsat-bb] AO-85 SWL report

Daniel Estévez daniel at destevez.net
Mon Nov 9 11:26:45 UTC 2015

El 09/11/15 a las 10:18, Daniel Estévez escribió:
> El 09/11/15 a las 10:10, David escribió:
>> SWL report of AO-85 during its orbit #456 + 11mins at 09:39 UTC
>> No telemetry heard.
>> No beacon heard.
>> Is sat still on COR mode?
> That's a bit weird, isn't it? VK5HI reported telemetry at 6:25 UTC today:
> http://amsat.org/tlm/ao85/201511082225427.txt
> I coincide in the opinion that the audio is clearer without DUV telemetry.

Indeed it seems that AO-85 was in COR mode as it passed over Europe
about 11:10 UTC. Listened in SUWS websdr. Several Spanish stations on
the transponder, as today is holiday in some parts of Spain.



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