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Sat Nov 7 21:10:17 UTC 2015

Joe  And Others for many years I have Heard thoughts about a Geo synchronous
well  mostly it was the cost,   But I also heard a lot of people say if We
had a Geo type bird We would have the people who like to setting us Big ants
lots of power and just set and  be on the  birds all the time .
Unfortunately I know We do have this type on the air I haves no idea if this
would actually happen or not 

73 De Don KA9QJG

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Can anyone here run a link budget for me?

I'm in an  slight heated debate with some people, About how they have heard
about the possible Geo synchronous bird coming up, and they are all
wondering why don't "THEY" I like the "THEY" part, anyway why don't they
just put it on the moon.

I gave them several reasons why a Geo bird is better,

1- It is there 24/7 where the moon is visible less than 50% of the day

2- the Geo bird doesn't move ( or extremely little) so set the antenna and
forget it. Where the moon requires tracking programs and antennas that can
move in AZ and EL

3- Useable "Window" The amount of the earths surface that can see either is
soo close to the same why bother I bet a geo bird would be at least close to
90% of what the moon see's

4- And finally antennas and power required. The moon being soooo much
farther away the amount of power needed each way has to be MUCH more. 
And thats what I was wondering say you had a nice decent transponder in Geo
orbit. what power levels say ERP I guess is needed each way?  then drop the
same transponder and how much more erp each way will be needed to have the
same level of contact quality?


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