[amsat-bb] a big thanks!

KG4BYN - Ben Harold kg4byn at comcast.net
Sat Nov 7 19:46:20 UTC 2015

well, i asked and you all came through.  SO - thank you!  i've got MORE 
knowledge to get me underway, now, than i did upon a few weeks of 
hunting around on the internet and just getting more and more confused.  
fwiw, i'm running windoze 7 on the box in my office and can easily 
switch from windoze to linux on my notebook in the shack.  also, i'm NOT 
- particularly - "cheap" when it comes to this, but fighting the cancer 
took its toll not only on ME, but on our pocketbook, as well.  anyway, 
thanks for ALL the info!  i'm sure i'll be popping in and out of here, 
now that you know who i am, as well as my level of "marksmanship" in 
this endeavor.

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