[amsat-bb] SatPC32: How to change a K3 to DATA mode for PSAT-1 ?

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 15:03:52 UTC 2015

Hi Bob,

I know every little about the K3 (so why comment, right?  heh).  Are you
using a data jack on the rig?   Over the years, I've had to resort to using
a microphone jack to work around similar issues like you describe.   Any
chance you can lash up a cable to the microphone jack, and just use USB
mode that SatPC32 sets?

If not, just ignore ;)


Mark N8MH

[amsat-bb] SatPC32: How to change a K3 to DATA mode for PSAT-1 ? *Bob
KD7YZ* kd7yz
at denstarfarm.us
*Sat Nov 7 12:37:03 UTC 2015*

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I have been trying to lash-up everything for ops on 28.120 (USB) PSK31
Uplink and 435.350 (FM) Downlink for PSAT-1 .

Well, in order for my K# to be keyed by the soundcard SIGNALINK-USB, the
K3 must be in DATA mode ("MD6;" is the K3's command I believe).

I have moderate success telling SatPC32 that the 2nd radio is a Kenwood,
other .

So when SatPC32 reads the Doppler.sqf file, it will change my K3 to CW
or to FM or USB. None of which, if used, will allow MixW or DopplerPSK
to do anything more than "switch" on the SignaLink and also cause the K3
so "switch" to the xmit (red lite on) position. Yet there is, as
expected, no RF output that way, in USB.

So using two different SignaLink's I have the IC910H going to the 435 rx
freq and listening. I have the K3 on another SignaLink, going to 28.120
and switching to xmit when asked.

Just that I need to K3 to automatically go into DATA mode when being
used for PSAT-1, or any other PSK type bird.

When I manually switch the K3, then either MixW or DopplerPSK do, in
fact, switch the K3 to xmit as-well-as output RF .

This is not a very good solution as sometimes SatPC32 re-reads
Doppler.sqf and thus puts K3 back to USB.

Anyone have a solution?

tnx !

Bob KD7YZwww.qrz.com/db/kd7yz
AmSat LM#901


Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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