[amsat-bb] dumbest questions in the world

KG4BYN - Ben Harold kg4byn at comcast.net
Sat Nov 7 04:11:03 UTC 2015

ok, these are, indeed, the dumbest questions for you folks, because i've 
determined you all ARE the experts.  i'm a 60+ year old ham. never 
worked the birds, but have always been fascinated.  yup typical story, 
right?  our local, somewhat, non-existent radio club had someone (not 
from around here) provide a very brief demonstration one saturday 
morning in a walmart parking lot - circa 2001.  needless to say that was 
a LONG time ago.  most of my hamming has been cw, with a rare ssb qso.  
i got burned out on 2m/70cm, early on (many years ago), howver...i've 
got my vhf/gear and antennas updated for some sat work.  MY MAJOR 
PROBLEM is _/where/_ can i find downlink/uplink freqs for the fm birds 
with transponders.  to be honest, i'd be darned happy to just to RECEIVE 
a cw beacon or even some packet via rig and soundcard.  i've weeded 
through tons of websites, tons of threads on this bb...and am STILL 
having a difficult time finding the info for what i want.  i'm a 
dinosaur (OLD) and and recovering from extremely severe colon cancer 
surgery, BUT i'm looking to broaden my horizons/hobby.  also a link to a 
DECENT free tracking program with updating pass predictions would be 
helpful, too.  i have a refurb pc notebook in the shack for this 
project.  yes, i've heard of google, and yes, i've read darned near 
everything i can find...but the more i read, the more confused this old 
guys gets.  feel free to answer me via private email so as not to 
clutter this mailing list...which HAS provided great info, but also, 
sadly,  adds to my confusion.  at least, i've got the doppler effect 
problem reasonably figured out.  sorry for the long email and stupid 
questions.  i originally wasn't going to send it, but i figured i gotta 
start someplace.

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