[amsat-bb] FoxTelem Program Java aspect crashes every day now

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 16:23:39 UTC 2015

And you all are doing a fabulous job. The only thing I remind my peers of
is that people spend their own money and their valuable free time tapping
their toes gleefully anticipating success and participation.  I've been
amongst the , now reformed, guilty. I don't do the answers as I'm too busy,
but I support the need. We need more volunteers who want to support the
engineers in this but must be trusted to help and not hinder.

Having done this stuff for years, let me admonish users to remember that if
you have a critique or question something, please approach it as if the
engineer has already considered it and dealt with it and you'll find a
willing conversationalist. We're all proud of our work and, no, we don't
always get it right.  But you can generally assume we've tried really hard
to. Don't come into our house and toss the furniture about. You won't find
us willing hosts to have you at our table.

Respectfully and 73s,

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, Jerry Buxton <n0jy at amsat.org> wrote:

> A work in progress, one thing for consideration is that Chris also has
> to work with me to provide versions that do Fox-1Cliff/D for our testing
> of those as well as providing us the way to reliably get data to and
> mine data from the server as we check out AO-85, so his time is
> divided.  The plus to that is that we are expecting releases before
> 1Cliff/D that will provide automatic slow/high speed data switching and
> better performance as you all provide feedback to help him learn what
> needs tweaking.  Testing FoxTelem on the ground with a satellite 3 feet
> away or using a recording isn't the real deal of course, so just like
> with the performance of Fox-1A AO-85 on orbit there are things to be
> learned about real world performance of FoxTelem.
> Remember - it's a hobby.     :-)
> Thank you for your support.
> Jerry Buxton, NØJY
> On 11/4/2015 14:55, Bob KD7YZ wrote:
> > On 04-Nov-15 1251, Paul Stoetzer wrote:
> > . I know, for example, that AC0RA is using an FCD
> >> direct to FoxTelem and has submitted 2,703 frames.
> > I too am FCDP+ straight to the 2m antenna
> >
> > As for FoxTelem not being totally hands-off. (A) the "Implementors"
> > are/will fix that with the soon-here next release.
> >
> > (B) they also told me, or all of us, that irrespective of the Java
> > crash, data collection goes on; data is stored; next re-start of PGM,
> > the data is uploaded.
> >
> > So I ain't no more gonna worry 'bout it.
> >
> >
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