[amsat-bb] FoxTelem Program Java aspect crashes every day now

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Thu Nov 5 00:48:34 UTC 2015

A work in progress, one thing for consideration is that Chris also has
to work with me to provide versions that do Fox-1Cliff/D for our testing
of those as well as providing us the way to reliably get data to and
mine data from the server as we check out AO-85, so his time is
divided.  The plus to that is that we are expecting releases before
1Cliff/D that will provide automatic slow/high speed data switching and
better performance as you all provide feedback to help him learn what
needs tweaking.  Testing FoxTelem on the ground with a satellite 3 feet
away or using a recording isn't the real deal of course, so just like
with the performance of Fox-1A AO-85 on orbit there are things to be
learned about real world performance of FoxTelem.

Remember - it's a hobby.     :-)

Thank you for your support.

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

On 11/4/2015 14:55, Bob KD7YZ wrote:
> On 04-Nov-15 1251, Paul Stoetzer wrote:
> . I know, for example, that AC0RA is using an FCD
>> direct to FoxTelem and has submitted 2,703 frames.
> I too am FCDP+ straight to the 2m antenna
> As for FoxTelem not being totally hands-off. (A) the "Implementors"
> are/will fix that with the soon-here next release.
> (B) they also told me, or all of us, that irrespective of the Java
> crash, data collection goes on; data is stored; next re-start of PGM,
> the data is uploaded.
> So I ain't no more gonna worry 'bout it.

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