[amsat-bb] AO-85 Rudeness (elbow room)

Daniel Estévez daniel at destevez.net
Wed Nov 4 14:57:52 UTC 2015

El 04/11/15 a las 14:19, Joe escribió:
> Wow!
> As a Old schooler, I'm quite the opposite! I was extremely happy when I
> saw the 10 meter use. I was on every mode "A" bird, LOVED those birds,
> and even the Russian mode "K"  I think it was? 10/15 meters.
> NO-84 is a bird that almost 90% of hams have capability of. No special
> high priced all mode VHF/UHF rigs.
> A cheap 100 buck like radio shack 10 meter rig and a scanner and youre
> on this bird. it's awesome. And unlike the single channel FM CB birds,
> you don't have the CB channel effect. Instead of one conversation at a
> time there can be dozens!

Unfortunately, NO-84 it's not terribly easy to hear, requiring some
rotator setup, circular omni with preamp or hand-pointed arrow. With a
hand-pointed arrow it's very easy to hear, but it's almost impossible to
work it in this manner. This is what's keeping me from being QRV in this
bird. I can be in my garden pointing the arrow or in the shack with the
10m station and PSK computer, but not on both.

However, for operators already having a fixed station capable of
receiving UHF satellites, it is easy to add the capability to transmit
on 10m, so perhaps more publicity is needed.



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