[amsat-bb] FoxTelem Program Java aspect crashes every day now

Dino Papas kl0s at cox.net
Tue Nov 3 22:35:42 UTC 2015

As an aside, the FoxTelem program for the Mac requires you to downgrade from the latest Java to V6 - I’d love to work use the app but don’t want to have to replace the latest Java with a lesser less secure version.  I know it’s an issue with OS X and am sure the authors would prefer it wasn’t so but w/o some kind of workaround I’m reluctant to mess with it.

Dino KL0S

> On Nov032015, at 1730 PM, Bob KD7YZ <kd7yz at denstarfarm.us> wrote:
> I've reported this to the wily programmers.
> However, I was wondering if others have their FoxTelem monitoring
> program crash ... complaining about Java ??
> (Java build 1.8.0_65-b17)
> A little annoying now since I leave it monitoring/decoding and let
> SatPC32 track.
> I came in both today and yesterday to the window telling me about the
> crash and the program needs re-start.
> I didn't have this problem before the last Java mandatory updates .Now I
> want a link to be able to roll-back the Win7/64 version I have installed.
> -- 
> 73,
> Bob KD7YZ
> www.qrz.com/db/kd7yz
> AmSat LM#901

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