[amsat-bb] Satellite aprs packet capture.

Sil sil at calorific.co.nz
Sun Nov 1 07:39:27 UTC 2015


A while ago, I asked about ways to improve my delivery of capture 
satellite APRS packets. I didn't explain myself well, so I am making a 
second attempt.

It is perfectly possible that I misunderstand how this should work, or 
that I am doing something wrong.

I have a spare machine that has Windows and UIView installed  on it and 
I have been using that as an Sgate.

My Internet connection was not lost at all during this pass.

Shown below is a typical example of what I see.

UIView shows this packet (below) as gated to the Net (cut and pasted 
from the "Traffic gated from RF to the Internet" window) .
2015-Nov-01 06:42:14 PSAT-1>APOFF,ARISS,ZL2CIA,I:

This is from the Findu site:
20151101064809 : 
20151101055630 : 

20151101055629 : PSAT-1]APOFF,ARISS,qAS,EA6XQ:!05 . S\127 . 
WS120/999/W3ADO s#023352,0z290
20151101053751 : 

I would expect my gated packet to appear on the APRS-IS  at 
20151101064214 (give or take a few seconds).
I would have thought it would be shown between the two records at

No other captured packet beat mine to the APRS-IS. In fact there are no 
packets at all from ZL or VK stations who would have been in the 
satellite footprint shown (none, as I write).

I looks to me as though the packet didn't make it to the APRS-IS. If any 
other station also gated packets during this pass (which seems likely), 
then those didn't make it either.

Is there anything I can change or alter at my end to improved the chance 
of captured and gated packets making it to the APRS-IS?


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