[amsat-bb] duplexer used as a filter

kb2m at arrl.net kb2m at arrl.net
Tue Jul 28 00:38:13 UTC 2015

I'm trying to setup a remote sat station and need help with a desence
filter.  I was using a Diamond MX72-n and was experiencing water intrusion.
I then checked the archives and consulted the group and went to the
recommended Comet CF-416. Guess what, I'm still getting water into the
duplexer. I thought that it was more suited to outdoor service on the
recommendation of the group. So, before I take apart one of the duplexers to
attempt to waterproof, does anyone know of a duplexer that is designed for
outdoor use on the tower? I really don't have the room for a 12 foot +
crossboom, so I need to resolve the desence with the duplexer.  Any
suggestions from someone who has solved this?


73 Jeff kb2m


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