[amsat-bb] W7O update - 0300 UTC Saturday, 22 November

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Nov 22 03:04:21 UTC 2014


W7O is still going strong, on satellites and HF.  I
am now getting more log files, and uploading them to
Logbook of the World.  I just uploaded over 500 QSOs
in the past few minutes - many thanks to Hector CO6CBF
(KF5YXV for the moment), Yanko NX9G, and Bill W7OO.
I now have 1402 W7O QSOs in LOTW and log files here at
home for W7O, and 370 of those QSOs have been confirmed
in LOTW. I still have several operators' logs to receive,
so the QSO count will certainly go up a lot more.

I plan on being on the 0415 and 0550 UTC AO-73 passes
tonight as W7O, and the ISS pass at 0609 UTC if the
digipeater is on. On the ISS digipeater, I will not use
a full packet station with computer and TNC/software,
but my Kenwood TH-D72A.  I would be happy to make packet
QSOs via APRS messages, which I can send and receive
using the TH-D72A.  I've completed one W7O packet QSO
last weekend, and would like to see if I can do more.
The call sign I will use on the ISS passes will be W7O -
no SSID after the call, just the 3 characters.  And
look for the W7O beacon coming down on 145.825 MHz,
if you are in the footprints.

If there is interest out in Hawaii, I would be happy to
try AO-7 (mode B) and/or FO-29 passes as W7O where the
footprint reaches the islands Saturday afternoon or Sunday.
Please e-mail me directly, if you want to try for that.

We're in the home stretch, with the weekend and most of
Monday remaining before the end of the special event.  W7O
operators continue working HF and satellites.  I'll count
up the number of operators later, but it will work out to
be around 20 or so operators who have used the W7O call
during this event, from coast to coast.  Everyone who has
had a chance to work as W7O has enjoyed the experience.
Using a special call and not having to worry about the
QSLing... not a bad deal.  :-)

If you would like a W7O QSL card, please include a self-
addressed stamped envelope when sending your QSL request
to me.  I am planning on a W7O QSL card that won't work
as a post card through the postal system.  If you are
outside the USA, a self-addressed envelope with a US$ 1
bill would be useful.  An IRC will also work.  For non-
US stations, QSLs to W7O can be sent to me through the
QSL bureau system via WD9EWK.



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