[amsat-bb] Does one 847 equal two 817's?

Pavel Milanes Costa co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Thu Nov 20 23:47:51 UTC 2014

Hummmm... interesting idea Paul...

El 20/11/14 a las 17:59, Paul Stoetzer escribió:
> This is where the VFO tracking capabilities of a
> satellite radio come in handy and I've thought about designing an
> Arduino interface that links 2 817s (or 857/897 - same CAT protocol)
> together via their CAT ports (when you tune one, the other tracks).
> Incidentally, Icom used to make a device to do just this with two Icom
> radios (the CT-16 Satellite Interface Unit).

Not and arduino coder here, but a PIC one... I have recently playing 
with the Yaesu CAT protocol and made a kind of a lib for it on jal...

I do not have any of the FT-8x7 radios, but I can give a try to build a 
working PIC interface for the community, that can do JUST THAT...

Just need a ham with two of there radios and electronic skills to build 
the hardware and try the code on it for me... getting even one of these 
radios in Cuba is hard... Ask HLMS (CO6CBF)

The CAT command interface is not a problem, is just matter of time to 
understand the protocol and review the code for hamlib and code it...

I made recently a FT-747GX lib and I'm working on the interface of an 
FT-1000, this is for the PIC to simulate a real radio...

But the math involved on doppler calculations it's rocket science for 
me... any good doc/link on the subject?

Who want's to take the trip with me on the hardware side for this project?

73 from Pavel, CO7WT

PS: I have a UV-5R on the way, so wait for me on SO-50 soon... my former 
70cm radio gone QRT a big time ago...

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