[amsat-bb] Does one 847 equal two 817's?

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Thu Nov 20 23:06:16 UTC 2014

Hi Bill!

> Why didn't the dual-817 guys buy an 847?

My reasons for the dual-817 setup.

1. They had been discontinued at the time I decided to
try SSB satellites in 2008, and I didn't want to pay
the relatively high price to get a used 847 at that

2. I already had one FT-817ND since this version came
on the market in 2004 (replacing an non-ND 817 I bought
in 2001), and tried other receivers for a portable
full-duplex all-mode satellite station.  After several
months and minimal success, I bought a second FT-817ND.
The larger - and smooth-spinning - VFO knob, compared
to the other receivers I tried, was a big selling point
for adding the second 817 over using other radios.  This
is what I still use today, although on some occasions
the receive 817 will be replaced by other radios (Kenwood
TH-F6A, laptop with FUNcube Dongle Pro+, and previously
an Icom IC-R20).

3. The 817s can be a self-contained setup, running on their
own internal battery packs. Not being able to have a home
station, something self-contained (or powered from an
external 12V source) was necessary.

4. Should I decide to go with computer control, the 817s
have Yaesu CAT ports.

I really like being able to pack my portable station
(except for the Elk log periodic antenna, and anything
that isn't OK in a carry-on bag for air travel) in an
old laptop bag.  I had this with me in Hartford for the
ARRL Centennial Convention in July when I met you,
although I don't remember if you saw any of my
demonstrations. This station has gone with me for all
of my trips I've taken - by ground, or air - since going
to Dayton in 2010.  Even to Australia in 2011.

If I can rig it up this weekend, I will set up a camera
to record a pass where I use the two 817s, with a closeup
of the radios.  Maybe this will help show how I've been
working SSB satellites for the past few years.



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