[amsat-bb] W7O update

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Nov 18 15:55:41 UTC 2014

Hi Gus!

The short answers to your questions are what KQ6EA answered,
and yes - the FCC is rather accomodating in terms of who can be
the operator of an amateur station, compared to how it is done in
many other countries.  Not being a telecommunications lawyer, I
read through the Part 97 rules a lot, and asked ARRL some questions,
before I decided to allow other operators to use the W7O call.

For W7O, I am the trustee or "owner" of this call between the 14th
and 24th of this month.  My name and contact information are stored
in the http://www.1x1callsigns.org/ web site for these short calls.
If FCC or an ARRL Official Observer have any issue with the operation
of W7O, I would expect to receive the call/e-mail/letter. Since W7O
is essentially "my" call for this time, I have told various amateurs
they are permitted to use the call - either in one-hour increments
for those on HF, or on specific satellite passes.  Specifically for
the 1x1 calls, FCC rules state that the operator of the 1x1 call must
give his/her own call once per hour (this is not a requirement for
those operating under normal club call signs).  I have asked those
using W7O on the satellites to ensure their personal call is given
once per pass, ideally around the midpoint of the pass for the operator
in question.  And the operators have been telling stations who they
are, if asked.

ARRL has done a similar thing with the W1AW/x activities this year.
ARRL has permitted its club call W1AW to be used by operators all
over the USA and its territories for specific periods of time.
Coordinators in each state/territory have permitted other operators
to use W1AW/x calls at specific times on specific band/mode
combinations and on the satellites.  ARRL has directed these
operators to use the call with an appropriate portable identifier
(i.e., I operated on the satellites as W1AW/7 from here in Arizona
earlier this year), even though the use of portable identifiers by
US stations within US territory is not required. The W1AW license
trustee is on the hook for activity under the W1AW call, wherever
it is being used.  I'm doing the same thing with W7O, except that
I have asked W7O operators not to put anything else before or
after the call.

I haven't seen any 8P calls in the logs I have already received.
Maybe one of these operators will be able to work you, on HF or
satellites.  :-)



On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 10:40 PM, Gus <gus at 8p6sm.net> wrote:

> How does that happen?  Is there not a statutory requirement that
> theoperators in question use their own callsigns? I understand using a club
> call at a club station, but surely operators all over the place can't
> simply decide to use whatever call they feel like, all at once, whenever
> they like?
> --
> Gus 8P6SM

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