[amsat-bb] Question Fox Delta ST-2? Would like to find out more. Anyone using one?

Jerry Buxton amsat at n0jy.org
Tue Nov 11 15:40:48 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

Not the ST-2, but I have been using a Fox Delta ST-1 for a number of 
years, and it has served well.

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

On 11/11/2014 03:48, Mike wrote:
> Good morning all.
>      I was looking to see what interfaces were available for the 
> G5400B rotor.   I'm not finding a lot
> off current information except for I find the Fox Delta ST-2 listed. 
> Anyone using one? I know nothing about them
> and even less about what else might be around.
>    If you're using one or have information about others that are 
> currently available lets chat off the bbs unless it's been
> a long while since this topic has been chatted about and you think 
> there are others who would be interested.
>    Even in that case it might be better to take it off the BBS and got 
> to direct emails within a small group as opposed to
> too much traffic about it on the BBS.
> Thanks,  Mike KA7HBB

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