[amsat-bb] Replacing parts on pre-amps

Doug - k4gkj k4gkj at embarqmail.com
Mon Nov 10 01:29:49 UTC 2014

Just wondering how others have done on replacing the parts in pre-amps. Also wondering a good but inexpensive supplier exist.... 
I have a couple that got hit by static I guess..... They worked great, but later they just don't... I was using them on a portable 100' tower that wasn't properly grounded (I know, bad mistake).... I had been moving it constantly though and was not aware that would damage the gas-fet so easily.... Learned that the hard way. 
Just wondering if the gas-fet only goes, or of other parts go too. I'll be ESD safe, but wondering about other hazards to watch out for as well. 

KLM 2m pre amps 

Thanks in advance! 


Doug Bennight

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