[amsat-bb] W7O scheduling

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Nov 7 03:05:53 UTC 2014


Thanks to all who have posted in public forums and sent
me private e-mails about the upcoming W7O operation.  I
am now ready to take sign-ups for those who would like
to operate as W7O during the 15-24 November (UTC time)

An important point regarding who can operate as W7O...
W7O can only be operated from US territory, where amateur
radio is regulated by the FCC.  It cannot be used from
outside US territory, as these 1x1 special calls - just
like US club calls - are not covered by any of the
arrangements like CEPT, IARP, or other agreements between
the USA and other countries.  I have been asked by some
non-USA hams who were interested in operating as xxx/W7O
or W7O/xxx in their countries.  I'm sorry - this is not

For the HF/6m operating, I will take signups for one-
hour increments on the HF bands (excluding 60m) plus
6m, for CW, phone, and digital modes.  For the 30m
band, only CW and digital modes.  I am wanting to
avoid two stations operating on the same band/mode
combination as W7O at the same time.  If you are
willing to operate for 2, 4 or more hours at one
time - please feel free to sign up for more
consecutive slots.  Also, please let me know about
your HF station - rig(s), antenna(s), etc.  If you
do sign up, please follow through with being on the
air at the specified times.  Stations will be looking
for W7O on the different bands.

For the satellites, I am looking for operators in
different parts of the USA.  In particular, operators
in the eastern USA capable of working Europe, north
Africa, and South America along with North America
will be welcomed.  Other operators who are not able
to work other continents are also welcome, but there
has been interest from hams outside of North America
to work W7O on the satellites - especially AO-7.  I
plan on working W7O on the satellites during weeknights
and as much as possible on the two weekends during this
10-day period, but would be happy to share the work
with others who may want to work as W7O during those

Operators would need to operate within the limits of
their amateur licenses. The W7O call does not grant
additional privileges to the operator.  Operators are
required to give their personal call signs once per hour
when operating under a 1x1 special call.  For example,
saying "W7O, operated by (operator's call)" would satisfy
this requirement.  On the satellites with passes that
are typically 10 to 20 minutes in length, giving the
"W7O, operated by (operator's call)" announcement around
the midpoint of each pass worked would be a good thing.

Once I get some operating commitments from operators, I
will publish the schedule through a link on my WD9EWK
QRZ.com entry and my web page.  This way, others will
know where and when to look for W7O during this 10-day

After the 24th, W7O operators would need to send me a
log of stations worked, with the usual bits of data -
date/UTC time, call, band (or bands, for satellite QSOs),
mode, and (for satellites) satellite name.  I can handle
ADIF log files, Excel spreadsheets, text files, and logs
pasted into the body of e-mails.  If you are not able to
send me a file in any of these formats, please let me
know, so we can work out a way to get the logs.  Logs
will be uploaded to Logbook of the World, and I (WD9EWK)
will handle the QSL cards for W7O.

Please e-mail me directly if you're interested in operating
as W7O, or if you have any other questions about this



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