[amsat-bb] W5PFG/P November EL09 & DL89 area ops

Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 03:29:59 UTC 2014

Nov 23-25 I will operate from grid EL09, not far from the DL99 line. It's
likely I'll operate from DL99 on several passes.  I will try to visit
DL98/DL99 line at least once.  I have not operated from those grids since
2011.  I know that N8RO operated from this area not too long ago but I'll
activate it again for those who missed Ron on his trip.

November 25-28, I will be operating from DL89 with occasional operations
from DL79/89.  It is possible, though I have not made reservations yet for
4x4 transportation, that I will operate from DL88 for a 2nd time in 2014.

November 28-29, I will operate from the DM90/DM91 area.  I won't have a lot
of time in this area and will only notify via Twitter in advance of me
working a pass.

It's becoming common to see satellite operators post their updates via
Twitter (recent examples: KG5CCI, WD9EWK, AC0RA, XE3DX.)  Here's a little

Twitter is possibly the most versatile tool for notifying individuals about
grid operations.  You can access my Twitter feed by web at
http://www.twitter.com/w5pfg.  If you create an account on Twitter, you can
configure email and text (SMS) alerts.  It is not necessary to have
Internet access to send notifications.  I can post a Tweet simply by
sending a text (SMS) to a special phone number.  Alternatively, I can send
a Tweet even if I don't have cell coverage but do have Internet access.  It
provides a lot of flexibility.  There is no cost for this service and it is
generally as reliable or better than email service.  It does not rely on
any individuals relaying information for you.


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