[amsat-bb] Help with finding satellite passes for Oct.19

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Mon Sep 30 12:24:52 PDT 2013

Hey All,
I am having a senior moment.....it is hell to get old.  I am trying to 
pin down the passes of FO-29 for October 19.  I know there is a place to 
simply plug in the date and voila, have what I need. Perhaps someone can 
help this old fart out and provide a link or directions.  Yep, October 
19 is JOTA and we plan to put Troop 123 on the satellite from Galveston 
Island State Park.  We will use the call W5S.  I just need to figure out 
when FO-29(and others) or perhaps even SO-50(provided we can get a word 
in...terrific that satellites are loved so much) come flying above us.  
Just trying to Be Prepared as the Boy Scout Motto says and do my good 
turn daily. On my honor I will do my best to make a satellite contact 


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