[amsat-bb] Re: Satpc32 Storing Rx/Tx addreses

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 15:29:04 PDT 2013


Perhaps someone with first hand experience will have a suggestion.  



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<Thanks Alan:
<Well for some reason it does not work for me.
<My Radio is set as IC-821h which requires addresses of $4c $4c
<When I open the the set up window after a restart the address 
<show up as $60 $60, which is for the 910h I believe so I 
<change it to  setup/radio setup/addresses/$4c $4c/addresses OK
<And then I do the mode/addresses $4c $4c save and store. Then 
<restart  Satpc and both the Mode and setup addresses show up 
<again as $60 $60 and I have to change them to $4c $4c again .
<So I must be doing something wrong , but I don't know what it is.
<any suggestion?
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<I don't use Icoms now, but I tried configuring for one.  
<Everything worked fine, and the values I set
<were retained when I restarted the program.  There is an 
<additional Addresses OK button to the left
<which I needed to click, in addition to the usual Store.
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<<Subject: [amsat-bb] Satpc32 Storing Rx/Tx addreses
<<I'm having an issue with having Satpc32 storing the Mode/Rx/Tx 
<<When I start the program, I store the correct settings for my 
<<Icom and it all works fine , but when I reboot and/or restart 
<<the Satpc32 later I have to go to the mode screen and reset 
<<the Mode/Rx/Tx addresses.
<<Is this normal or is there a way to have them permanently stored?
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