[amsat-bb] Flex-5000 "PA Info" Display Bug During Satellite Operation?

Bill Bordy, NJ1H nj1h at comcast.net
Sun Sep 29 13:28:03 PDT 2013

I have been active on the satellites lately with my Flex-5000 using 
external transverters.  PowerSDR version 2.6.4.

I have noticed an error in the PA Info display, Ctrl-Shift-I, when I am 
in mode B and transmit is enabled. The Temp: will read  very unusual 
temperatures, i.e. 572, intermittently for a moment. Values change, but 
seem to be repetitive. I have seen large negative F values also. The 
Voltage: also reads 0 briefly sometimes.The radio appears to function 
normally when this occurs.

This occurs even if the TX Drive is set to 0.

I am running SatPC32 V.12.8b to control the uplink and downlink 
frequencies using x10 Speed. The problem seems to only occur when CAT is 
enabled on SatPC32.

This seems like a conflict between variables used by PowerSDR's CAT 
control and the PA Info routines.

Is anyone else using a Flex-5000 seeing this?


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