[amsat-bb] Satellite Explorer Pro iOS app

Rick Walter wb3csy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 17:05:12 PDT 2013

I use the Satellite Explorer Pro iphone/iPad app. It did work very well on both devices. After the ios7 upgrade, it still works on the iPhone 5 but on my ipad2, the height and max el boxes as well as the data they would contain disappeared. When I open the app on the iPad, I briefly see the boxes and data, then they are gone in a blink of the eye. 

I tried to find out a way to contact the author with no luck. I hope Thomas Doyle is a ham and monitors this reflector. Anyone else notice the same problem? The settings on both devices are the same. 

I still chuckle when I see the new Windows commercial bashing the Apple iPad. I have all their devices but agree with the commercial. "Do you think I still look pretty?"

Rick -WB3CSY
Sent from Rick's iPad2

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