[amsat-bb] DC and AMSAT Awards

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Tue Sep 24 07:13:55 PDT 2013

Good morning,

I was curious about the rules for the the OSCAR Satellite Communications
Achievement Award, the OSCAR Sexagesimal Award, and the OSCAR Century Award.

The rules from KK5DO's website state that "A contact is defined as one with
a station in another state, DXCC country or Canadian Provience. Once you
have a contact with a station in that area, you must hunt for another."

Furthermore, the rules also state that "For those that have the RAC
CANDADAWARD or ARRL WAS with satellite endorsements, you may submit a copy
of your certificate as proof of working the 13 Canadian Proviences or 50
U.S. States."

Since Canada only has ten provinces, that implies that the three
territories also count under the definition of "province."  Similarly, I
would argue that the definition of  "state" should also include the
District of Columbia as a separate entity since the precedent from counting
the Canadian territories as "provinces" is clear.

Does the District of Columbia count as a separate entity for the purposes
of these awards?


Paul Stoetzer, N8HM
Washington, DC
AMSAT-NA #38,913

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