[amsat-bb] k8bl road trip

k4feg k4feg at k4feg.com
Mon Sep 23 05:01:39 PDT 2013

Here is the "Itinerary" for/*K*//**//*8BL's road trip starting today:*/

Be sure to listen for Bob on all satellites!

Below is the email Bob sent me:

/*Here is my plan for the week of 9/23-9/27.*/
/*I'll be driving around Lake Huron and activating as many of the
Grids I pass through as possible. On Monday 9/23 I'll be headed north from
Detroit and hit EN84, 85, 75, & 76, but I may make it to EN77/87 by late*/
/*afternoon depending on speed & traffic. On Tuesday 9/24 my plan is to 
go through EN76 & 77 to hit rare EN87 and back down through EN77, 76
and into EN86. On Wednesday 9/25 I'll be in EN96 and go for rare EN97
and head down into EN95. Thursday 9/26 will take me through FN05, 04
and into EN94. On Friday 9/27 I expect to be in EN94, 93 & 92. All of this*/
/*is flexible based on road situations as they arise, but my goal is to 
/*as many of these Grids as possible.

By Saturday 9/28 my plan to to just dead-head back to my QTH in EN91.

Hope to work a lot of the Grid Chasers on my journey!*/
/*Frank, please try to get this on Starcom & AMSAT tonight if possible so*/
/*folks will know I'll be available.

Good Luck Everyone!

*/73 ALL FRM
/The Commander
GGHQ: EM55aj84ta

"...no grid left behind..."

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