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Hi Dan,
OSCAR-10 (P3-B) used the same 400N engine as OSCAR-13 (P3-C)  and
OSCAR-40 (P3-D).
For P3-E we have a 200N motor from EADS Astrium, the  same one which is
used on the European ATV...

I was AMSAT P3-A  (planned to be OSCAR-9) which used a solid propellant
apogee  kick-motor.
It's under the water near the cost of french Guiana..   RIP

You can find an very good article  here:
See page  8..15

Rest assured, the PFA and propulsion system was qualified according  to
highest commercial standards by commercial companies. Thus in no  way
there would be any risk to the launcher or other payloads. This  also
includes several levels of safety borders in the hardware design and  in
the software.   The launch agencies have there own specialized  personal
to review all the details...    Without that, nobody would  have launched
any of the P3 satellites !!!    
What happened to  AO-40 later on after orbit injection and after
activating the systems is a  completely different matter and did not
present any risk to the launcher at  any time!

Michael R. Lengruesser, DD5ER

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In einer eMail vom 22.09.2013 21:07:08 Westeuropäische Sommerzeit schreibt  
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>>The apogee motors for OSCAR-10,and OSCAR-13 were solid  propellant
>>400 Newton trust motors donated to AMSAT-DL by the  Messerschmitt 
>>Company in Germany.

Only Phase 3A  had a solid fuel motor. AO-10 and AO-13 had liquid fuel
bi-propellent  motors the same as AO-40. No matter how well designed they 
they still  have the potential to blow up the entire launch stack if 
goes  wrong. Since Dick Daniels is no longer with us, the knowledge has been
lost  and we will not be launching any more of these in the future. 

Dan  Schultz  N8FGV

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