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> As far as I know, the kick-motors used on the Phase-3 birds were NOT
> cardboard tubes packed with homemade gunpowder.  They were commercial
> grade motors obtained from the commercial aerospace industry.  If I am
> wrong about this, and someone can jump in with facts, I'd be glad to hear.

Hi Angus,

The kitch apogee motors for OSCAR-10,and OSCAR-13 were solid propellant
400 Newton trust motors donated to AMSAT-DL by the Messerschmitt Aerospace
Company in Germany.

The kick apogee motor for AO40 was a liquid propellant made with UMDH and
nitrogen tetroxide but it failed to work because unfortunately someone
the flight forgot to remove the safety red cover over the exost valve of the
fuel system and this is why after many attemps to overcome the problem the
satellite got an explosion inside wich damaged most part of transponders.
BTW AO40 worked fantastic in Mode U/S ,Mode L/S and Mode L/K for
a long time until the main battery and the spare battery system suddently
failed in short circuit.

73" de i8CVS Domenico

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