[amsat-bb] Re: Phase 3

Wayne Estes w9ae at charter.net
Sat Sep 21 11:30:06 PDT 2013

What is realistically achievable with a 3U cubesat with an ion engine?

Cost of the satellite?
Cost of the launch?

Time/cost to develop ion engine?

How many month/years would it take for an ion engine to boost a 3U 
cubesat from 600 km to 2000 km?

What is the altitude limit for an ion engine?
Impractical to slowly cross the radiation belt?

Could a 3U cubesat with deployable solar panels power a 1 watt, 100 kHz, 
mode U/V transponder?

I would contribute $1000 to a fund raising campaign for a financially 
and technically viable plan to (for example) launch in 3 years and 
deploy a transponder in "high" orbit 2 years later.

I probably would not contribute to a fund raising campaign for a 
whizbang 3U cubesat destined for a 600 km orbit.

Wayne Estes
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik

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