[amsat-bb] Phase 3E lauch for 200$???

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Fri Sep 20 10:04:03 PDT 2013

On 20 Sep 2013 at 15:27, John Stephensen wrote:

> AMSAT-DL was the lead for phase 3 because they were able to get almost-free 
> launches from ESA. However, ESA terminated that policy 10 years ago and 
> AMSAT-DL has been trying to get government funding through their Mars 
> program. That was rejected a year or two ago. Private launch companies are 
> asking for $8,000,000..The world-wide fund raising by AMSAT-DL, AMSAT-UK, 
> AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-Japan, ARRL and RSGB for each of the phase 3 launches 
> acheived less than 10% of what is now required for a launch.
> In the past, a launch opportunity was identified by ESA and then a satellite 
> was built by AMSAT. P3E did the reverse -- building a satellite and hoping 
> for a launch. I brought up AMSAT-DL because someone was complaining that 
> AMSAT-NA was leading them on about HEO possibilities. They should review 
> videos of the AMSAT-DL presentations at the annual AMSAT-UK meetings. 
> AMSAT-NA has been much more realistic.
> 73,
> John

Unrealistic, unacheivable, impossible and so on that's what i hear since AO-40 stop working. I pledge for an AMSAT'S join funding venture 
years ago. Lets say 8000,000$ to reach just with the AMSAT-NA estimated membership of 3000 plus the other world AMSAT'S estimated at 
another 3000 making a total of 6000 contributors,  who with a  special annual fund raising of 200$ to pay for P3E launch, this 8 millions 
can reach in +/- 6 years. Is it possible to have governments paying a part of it? Making P3E a commercial sponsored satellite? What about 
the new rocket launching company who can piggy back P3E:  Roscocosmos, Virgin,ESA.  and all the ther potential contributors: university, 
science group of interest , cellular phone company...

If you put all various international AMSAT'S already available funds for all the different cube sats projects together, plus if we added a 
sound financing plan, could be more will be interested to invest more money? this 8 millions $ can probably be reach in 3 years or less. 
What about the BOD'S visions and planning of these AMSAT'S groups did they at least look at it? 

A soon as someone try to launch an idea there is automatically someone who jump on the case accusing them to be unrealistic, dreamers and 
so on. It is not surprising with this attitude some of the world greatest economy struggle to survive?

Yes I know we have to pay more but it's the actual trend if we want an HEO we will have to pay more for it "No money no candy"

Be positive and work toward an already near completed satellite (P3E) that's why the BOD'S are elected to lead toward the best not the 
less... Yes we can someone says!

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE

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