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Wed Sep 18 10:31:48 PDT 2013

On 17 Sep 2013 at 13:58, John Becker wrote:

> I have decided to leave the list till something changes with this FM 
> only satellite
> attitude only changes. That was the reason for me as well as other 
> joining AMSAT
> in the first place.
> Please inform me if anything such as a replacement for AO 40 happens.
> John
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For the record there is some lower cost affordable launch capabilities just read below:

The primary payload is the Cygnus Mass Simulator (CMS), it has a height of 199.25 inches (5,061 mm), a diameter of 114 inches (2,900 mm) 
and a mass of 8,400 pounds (3,800 kg).[8] It is equipped with 22 accelerometers, 2 microphones, 12 digital thermometers, 24 thermocouples 
and 12 strain gages.

The secondary payloads are four CubeSats that were deployed from the CMS.Three of them are PhoneSats, 1U CubeSats built by NASA's Ames 
Research Center. These are named Alexander, Graham and Bell, after the inventor of the telephone.The purpose of these three satellites is 
to demonstrate the use of smart phones as avionics in Cube Sats. They each have a mass of 2.48 pounds (1.124 kg) and are powered by lithium 
batteries. The fourth nanosat is a 3U CubeSat, called Dove-1, built by Cosmogia Inc. It carries a "technology development Earth imagery 
experiment" using the Earth's magnetic field for attitude control.

Is it possible to carry P3E? numerous test launch use dummy mass why not launching one bigger satellite instead of a bunch of small one?

As for the debate LEO vs HEO those who vote in favor of HEO are waiting out of AMSAT watching the 10 minuts LEO'S going up and down as the 
Jolly Jumper does.

Is it better than nothing else?

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE

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