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I remember his dust-up with the U.S. Navy in 1957(?) when he dared criticize
it in an editorial in CQ magazine for not letting his Ham representative
operate a ham station on the ship that was carrying the Ham to Antarctica as
part of the IGY.  If I recall correctly, the Publisher of CQ had to
apologize to the Navy.

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On 9/15/2013 9:21 AM, R Oler wrote:
> he lived a full and solid life, but his absence will be felt....for 
> those who loved satellites during what is probably the golden era of 
> hamsats.  Wayne was a friend, as he was to so many pioneering 
> technologies. Wayne Green. Fair skies.  WB5MZO
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> Yes- Wayne-W2NSD-  who passed away two days ago, at age 91, did indeed, as
you can observe below, lived a full solid life, and then some:

  * started one of the first personal computer software companies
    (Instant Software).
  * opened computer software stores - eventually sold a national chain
    of 58 stores.
  * while in college started a broadcasting station (WRPI) which is now
    the largest student activity.
  * served on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Board of Overseers
    and RPI Council.
  * served as the First Executive in Residence at RPI.
  * served as a consultant for the RPI Business Incubator - which won
    the 1996 prize as the best in the country.
  * been a licensed amateur radio operator as W2NSD since 1940.
  * pioneered amateur radio repeaters since 1969, starting with WRLAAB
    on Mt. Monadnock NH.
  * established amater radio in Jordan in 1970 and wrote their rules and
  * supplied and installed the first repeater in Jordan, J-Y73, in 1973.
  * helped radio amateurs pioneer FM, radio Teletype, single sideband,
    and slow scan TV.
  * bounced amateur radio signals off the Moon from the big dish at the
    Arecibo Observatory, PR.
  * been editing and publishing amateur radio magazines for 47 years.
  * a state-of-the-art digital recording studio.
  * four record labels and produced over 150 CDs.
  * helped re-popularize ragtime music and personally knows all of the
    top ragtime performers.
  * started 25 successful publications in the radio, computer and music
  * published over 100 books.
  * wrote one of the first books on digital communications.
  * been on an African hunting safari.
  * visited the ruins of Ba'albek in Lebanon, the Queen of Sheba's water
    catchments in Aden.
  * visited the Pyramids, the Sphynx. the ruins in Athens, the Taj Mahal
    and Katmandu.
  * visited the head-hunter longhouses in Sarawak.
  * helped organize and lead trade groups of around 250 people to yearly
    electronic shows in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  * given keynote addresses to radio, educational, computer, and music
  * helped invent a new kind of loud speaker - borrowed $1,000 on my car
    to start a manufacturing company and within two and a half years it
    became the largest speaker manufacturer in the country with seven
  * performed in The Mikado and Pirates of Penzance in high school
  * served as president of radio clubs in high school and college.
  * served in Navy 1942-1946 in WWII - electronic technician on USS Drum
    SS-228 (which is on display at Mobile, Alabama) for five war patrols.
  * been a radio engineer and announcer in North Carolina, Florida and
  * been chief cameraman at WPIX-TV (11) in NYC.
  * produced and directed network TV shows in Dallas and Cleveland.
  * a reputation as a gourmet cook.
  * served as president of Porsche Club of America.
  * raced my Porsche on the Nurburgring and Solitude race tracks in
  * both driven and navigated in many national SCCA car rallies.
  * served as a founder and first secretary of American Mensa.
  * a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial Science.
  * lectured on entrepreneurialism at Yale, Boston University, Case
    Western, Babson College, RPL and many other colleges.
  * been on the first commercial airline flight between Philadelphia and
    New York in 1927.
  * flown with father since 1922.
  * served on the FCC's National Industry Advisory Committee (NIAC).
  * served on the FCC's Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC).
  * testified before a Congressional hearing on the music industry.
  * had the usual toys: airplane, Porsche, yacht, Jaguar, Mercedes 600
    Pullman limosine.
  * worked on a Guggenheim grant on a color organ for the Guggenheim
    Museum on 5th Avenue.
  * graduated Bliss Electrical SchooL Tacoma Padc MD.
  * attended Radio Materiel School on Treasure Island, San Francisco and
    graduated as ETM2/c.
  * served for five war patrols on SS-228 USS Dnun, made ETMI/c.
  * taught electronics at Submarine School, New London CT.
  * organized and run successful mail order Elm Stamp Company at age 12.
  * sung in St. Pauls Church choir as boy soprano.
  * sung in Philharmonic Choir of Brooklyn.
  * sung in Erasmus High School Choral Club.
  * pioneered the 6-meter ham band as the first New York City station on
    that band.
  * run a 6-meter beacon station for several years in cooperation with
    the Radio Amateur Scientific Observations (RASO) program.
  * for years had a VHF/UHF station on Mt. Monadnock NH; regularly heard
    for over 600 miles.
  * been Excutive Secretary of the Music Research Foundation, Madison
    Avenue, N.Y.
  * worked for GE as a test engineer on Army radio equipment.
  * been an engineer at Airborne Instrument Laboratories in Mineola NY
    developing radar equip.
  * tried marijuana in 1948 to see what it was like.
  * tried LSD in 1960 to see what that was like.
  * drunk with shipmates on liberty while in the Navy. Have seldom drunk
  * tried smoking as a teenager, thought it was stupid. Ignored peer
  * know the real dope on Amelia Earhart's last trip.
  * been convinced that NASA had to have faked all of the moon landings.
  * driven from Brooklyn NY to Peterborough NH (250 miles), averaging
    100 mph one night - including a gas stop.
  * interesting friends such as Barry Goldwater, King Hussein, Steve
    Jobs, Bill Gates, and Rod McKuen.
  * been convinced that with proper nutrition and avoiding poisons we
    can dependably live to over 100.
  * ridden Starlit Night, the Ringling Brothers top show horse.
  * a professorship of horsemanship and taught riding instructors.
  * a Hubbard Dianetic Auditor certificate and has processed over 100
    patients, with some remarkable successes.
  * swum the three mile length of Coney Island many times.
  * investigated crop circles and a UFO hovering over a house in nearby
    Francestown, NH.
  * drove a snowmobile 50 mph in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at
    age 82.
  * Other than all that I've been taking it easy and having a great time.

       Like myself, he was from Brooklyn, and he came over one evening - at
the invitation of W2EEJ (Herb Greenberg, an engineer at WINS( 1010
KHz)  ) and spoke with several of us at The Brooklyn
       Radio Club -  in 1955, when he was the Editor of CQ Magazine.  At
that time, I was a 15 yr old Novice, KN2LKJ.

     73's  Jim (N6MV)

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