[amsat-bb] Re: IARU coordinated frequencies for LitSat-1

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> Did anyone else notice that the transponder downlink frequency is exactly
> on the center frequency of FO-29's uplink or that the Packet downlink was
> on the SO-50 uplink (without the 67Hz tone)??
> Seems like this wasn't very well 'coordinated'. I hope those freq's were
> misprints.


The man responsible for IARU frequency Coordination is  ZS6AKV 
Hans Van de Groenendaal available as belove and he should take care
of frequency coordination for IARU Region 1-2 and 3

Someone should complain with him.

73" de i8CVS Domenico

IARU Freq. Coordinator
Full Name: IARU Freq. Coordinator
Job Title: ZS6AKV
Company: Hans Van de Groenendaal
P.O. Box 90438
Garsfonstein 0042
South Africa
Home: 27-12-991-4662
Mobile: 27-82-781-4631
Bus Fax: 27-12-991-5651
E-mail: satcoord at iaru.org
Web Page: http://www.iaru.org/satellite
Skype: hanszs6akv1502

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