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Fri Sep 6 07:30:02 PDT 2013

On 9/6/13, James Luhn <luhn at wt.net> wrote:
> I have a great deal of experience with mailing bulk mail and I know the
> delivery can vary tremendously. My post office is also not consistent in
> how they "police" my PO box.  I have had them refuse mail addressed to
> someone other than myself.  By someoneelse, I mean the last name is
> correct but not the first.  This happens about once a year and then they
> continue to fill the box with mail addressed to people I have never
> heard of.

I've had similar experiences with Canada Post.  Fortunately, such
problems don't arise often.

> I will patiently wait for the Journal as it still might show up in the
> box some day.  I dearly love all of my Amateur Radio Publications that I
> receive.  The AMSAT Journal is my number one, followed by
> RadCom(RSGB-Excellent Publication!), QST, CQ, and a few others.  I
> sincerely appreciate the efforts of those involved with the publication
> of the AMSAT Journal.

Thank you.

  The average reader probably does not have a clue
> how difficult it is to produce a publication like the AMSAT Journal.
> The actual placement of articles in the publication is a simple task
> compared to actually obtaining the article.  Those who have written
> articles need plenty of applause too!
> I guess I am "old school" but there is something about the paper copy of
> a publication that a computer cannot replace.  My iPad will never feel
> like paper and I sure have a great deal of difficulty making notes on
> what I read on my iPad, notebooks, or large monitor.  There is nothing
> like going back to an old publication that is dog eared, coffee stained,
> and full of notes and phone numbers.  These artifacts all bring back
> fond memories of contacts, projects, and friends.

You should see my place.  I've got quite a collection of scientific
and technical publications, some going back to the 1970s.  Those I
haven't been able to read yet go into a "round tuit" pile and I've got
several of them now.  My floor makes a good bookshelf, hi.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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