[amsat-bb] Re: A0 40 replacement

n0jy n0jy at n0jy.org
Thu Sep 5 08:44:47 PDT 2013

Hi Zach,

On 9/5/2013 9:03 AM, Zach Leffke wrote:
> Just throwing this out there:
> But what if the SDX that flew on ARISSat, or the one
> that will be developed for the Future of the Fox series could be "sold" (or
> given) to the university cubesat community as a radio capable of being used
> to deliver science data?  Their science mission concludes, control is turned
> over to AMSAT, the radios are reconfigured, and they become transponder
> birds for the ham community.
Yes, and this is one of the goals of the Fox project too!
We can partner with the universities, providing the transponder and bus 
(Fox-1A, RadFXSat) which may be dedicated to their experiment for some 
years or not, depending on the downlink needs (i.e. Fox-1 has high speed 
for youse guys, and the slow speed accommodates Vanderbilt).  We have a 
transponder dedicated to ham use when the experiment(s) are through or 
even while they are going on.
Or once Fox-1 is finished and all of the details are published, any 
institution could use the design for their project and "give back" (as a 
gesture of kindness for all the work we saved them and excellent science 
we helped them gather) the transponder when they are done with their 
science.  It gives them a proven reliable system that they don't have to 
engineer on their own.  It gives us another transponder if not on 
launch, at least eventually.
Fox-2 will do the same for ham satellite SDX.
Anybody know any young people who are in a position to help sell this 
paradigm to universities? ;-)


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