[amsat-bb] Re: A0 40 replacement

Jeff Moore tnetcenter at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 18:43:29 PDT 2013

I think we should try to build LEO's with both kinds of transponders on
board.  The FM birds are great for getting newbies interested in the sats
and with a little encouragement from the "old hats" they'll want to upgrade
their equipment to work the more challenging Linear birds.  That serves 2
purposes:  1. it gets more hams in general involved with the sats, and  2.
It gets more hams equipped and able to work the linear birds.   That will
mean a larger base of hams that will contribute to projects and push for
HEO birds.

Also, I wouldn't discount the commercial launch operators just yet.  They
are at the beginning of the curve when it comes to regular launch
activities.  As they get further down the road, the costs will scale back
significantly.  AMSAT-NA is a non-profit is it not?  I can see a day in the
future when we could conceivably get a launch opportunity for significantly
less cost because of the non-profit status of AMSAT.  Assuming the tax
breaks involved don't get slammed by this or a future administration, this
could position AMSAT for all kinds of future opportunities.

It's a waiting game at this point.  Lot's of things could radically change
in the very near future, but that's no reason to sit around twiddling our
thumbs moaning about the "good ole days" of AO-40.  Push forward or push up
daisies!  It's our choice!

Jeff Moore  --   KE7ACY

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Michael <Mat_62 at charter.net> wrote:

I don't fault AMSAT one bit for building LEO cubesats. They are facing the
> reality of no HEO launches and there's nothing wrong with that.   We have
> to have something up there or this whole branch of the hobby will die. I'm
> a bit disappointed that they chose to make  Fox-1 yet another flying FM
> repeater and not a linear bird but that's beside the point of this
> discussion.   I just don't think HEO launches are EVER  going to be
> available again and I think telling people "well maybe someday" is just
> false hope.
> 73,
> Michael, W4HIJ

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