[amsat-bb] ISS HamTV, yikes I am late

Robert C. Campbell kb3pmr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 16:46:37 PDT 2013

Fantastic job Fabiano CT7ABD.
Elmer's Wanted, I am ready to make the final connections to my station
after months of hard work.
So much hard work and U$D that I don't want to let the smoke out of the
box inadvertently tho I am keeping the halon extinguisher handy.Seems a
shame to go this far and be reluctant to plug it in.
Equipment is as follows:
HP AMD 64 Pavilion with windows vista business
2.4 meter dish mounted on 8 foot tower section, with az and el rotors and
home brew 12 turn 2.4GHz helical at focal point. Model 2400 High Siera
HamTV-Down Converter
TBS-8920 PCI-DVB-S and S2 TV Tuner Card.......got the technotrend from
Europe but had to send it back as it was defective. If this happens to you
don't use US mail system. TBS-8920 is running on Media Portal - TVServer

Questions or settings:
What DIsEQC,
What KU-band..circular..universal..stacked..legacy...custom
What override default lnb freq.... LOF1........mhz, LOF2 ....mhz
What Switch LMBSw.......mhz
Freqency ........mhz
Symbol rate....
Polirization...none,h, v, or circular..left or right
Inner FEC Rate....in fractions
Pilot, on, off, not set, not defined
Roll off... not set, not defined, .20, .25, .35
The DVB-S should also be able to power the down converter via the DISeQC
but what one..
Simple a, simple b, Level 1aa, Level 1ab, Level 1ba, Level BB, or none
Any help requested would be appreciated. If you must blast please off the
amsat site..use KB3PMR at gmail.com. Show up and make it work and I will cook
the steak. I would offer valuable gifts and prizes but but I need to save
up for domestic abuse claims by being preoccupied with this for the last 4


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