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Wed Sep 4 13:23:53 PDT 2013

Congratulations to the whole team, this is great news.

> The AMSAT FUNcube team are delighted to be able to announce that the
> FUNcube-1 CubeSat has now completed all its final testing and been
> placed into its launch POD.
> This work was completed during a three day programme at the premises
> of ISIS BV in Delft in the Netherlands and was finished, on time, late
> this afternoon.
> FUNcube-1 is actually the middle 1U CubeSat of three sharing a 3U
> ISIPOD.  It is sharing the ISIPOD with ZACUBE-1 from South Africa  and
> HINcube from Norway. ZACube-1, in addition to carrying VHF and UHF
> communications equipment also has a 20 metre beacon which will operate
> on 14.099MHz  This ISIPOD, with the spacecraft inside, will be
> transported to Russia, early next month,for launch and will eventually
> be attached directly to the launch vehicle.
> FUNcube-1 carries a U/V linear transponder and the educational
> telemetry beacon using 1k2 BPSK for school outreach purposes.
> The current launch info has lift off scheduled for November 21st at 
> 07:11:29 UTC
> Full intial orbit details and TLE’s, together with decoding sofwtare
> will be made available over the next few weeks
> best 73
> Graham G3VZV – Wouter PA3WEG – Jim G3WGM

73 Jan PE0SAT

With regards PE0SAT
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