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Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 15:52:07 PDT 2013

My biggest pet peeve is all the bad advice on FM satellite operation.  It
sets the wrong expectation for many a new ham.  You don't need a
sophisticated OSCAR station with full tracking.  At the same time, don't
expect a 1980's vintage 2AT and a dummy load to work.  There are economical
solutions that have great performance.  I've read Power Points and web
pages from people seldom or never heard on a pass in years.  Perhaps they
should try operating for a bit and consider updating their published

Earlier this summer, I posted on my blog about the brutality of SO-50 in a
post AO-27 (and AO-51) era.

Out here in Texas, we find a rope and a tall oak tree settles these
dilemmas (sarcasm.)  Oh wait, this is the Internet age.  Anyone can talk
about their superior station, brag about all the demo's they do, how they
intend to break records, and how to run a grid expedition better than the
next guy -- all without a reality check.

Let's have fun.  Try to educate repeat offenders politely via post or
e-mail.  If that doesn't work, a good 'ole tar-and-feathering might be the
next best thing.  I had to send one guy three post cards in the mail before
he finally shut up.  His EME station could certainly get into AO-51 but he
couldn't hear squat!!!



On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Kevin M <n4ufo at yahoo.com> wrote:

> John, it's not just the west coast... There is one in the middle of the US
> that does about the same thing. On the linear birds, he calls over top of
> others who are already trying tomake a call. And he also tends to act like
> a 'grid traffic controller' on SO-50 with unnecessary chatter. Especially
> on SO-50, one needs to be as brief as possible and get off... it's common
> courtesy. Personally, I've quit the birds for a while... no need to put up
> with such nonsense, ham radio is supposed to be fun. I have some recently
> purchased antennas, preamps and an AZ-EL rotor in the closet. I was anxious
> to get them up this fall, but now I think I might wait until spring and see
> how things are. Maybe I will see you then. =^)  Just wanted to let you
> know, it's not just you.
> Good luck on the weak signal work. As for me... I'm plan to work on some
> radials for new verticals and invest my time in chasing DX on HF and 160m.
> 73! N4UFO
> From: John - VE7JZ
> My daughter, who is a new ham has just given up on trying SO-50. 5 times
> now
> she has set up the station to work someone and the moment she unkeys,
> there is
> someone calling and not listening. We here, have a TS-2000 with az-el
> setup and
> 2 yagis with auto tracking. I totally agree with the comments here on this
> subject of wild west operations on SO-50.  It is out of control. Here on
> the
> wet coast there is a WA6 ( wont say his call here ) every day that is
> constantly either ruining qso's or using way too much power and wiping out
> transponders completely. And if you call this LID, he either cannot hear
> you or
> ignores you and continues his ignorant disregard for other users so HE can
> get
> HIS contacts and to heck with anyone else. A constant and rather rude
> transponder HOG that is on almost every pass of every voice satellite. So
> as of
> today, we (my daughter and I) will go back to weak signal work and drop off
> satellite use until these LIDS either disappear or something. Our 2 cents
> worth.  Everyone have a great day wherever you might
> be. 73.
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> courageous heart."
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