[amsat-bb] Re: So-50

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 14:08:20 PDT 2013

I tried that. And I can assure you both I was very polite. My first attempt was replied to with three words, all in caps and exclamation points. I took that as being yelled at. Then later when the person was 'speaking' to me again, I tried a second time with more better detail to very politely explain the issue. That attempt was then replied to with a long paranoid, accusatory diatribe about how I was being influenced and being used to do others' dirty work. (???) The diatribe ended with me being told they did not want to hear from me any further on the subject. - I used to work in public service (police/ambulance) and I have extended first hand experience with unstable individuals; you cannot reason with them, they are already convinced that they are correct. My point is, it's a good idea, but if they were 'open to suggestion' they would have likely asked in the first place. Now, that's not always the case, as I have also had someone else take my
 suggestion about reducing power levels and thank me for doing so and being nice about it! But the most egregious offenders tend to be the ones that don't take criticism well. - All I can say is good luck to everyone and I hope things get better on the sats.

W7LRD said:

the best we can do is to "politely" educate the alleged offenders, 
usually via email. 

W1MSG said:
What we need to do is exactly what someone else said, shoot the offending
station an e-mail and try to elmer them in operating procedures.
"Control is the need of the fearful mind. Trust is the need of the courageous heart."

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