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Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
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In my situation I have a Dalmatian/Pointer who hates squirrels, or he thinks they're lunch. Either way my squirrel situation is solved. A very effective deterrent. 
good luck 
73 Bob W7LRD 

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Hi all, 

As I reported on the 20m Amsat Net (14.282mhz Sundays 18:00z - 19:00z) 
this morning, I noticed that my 2m antenna was listing slightly 
down-hill. Suspecting that the boom attachment screws had come loose, 
my project for the day was to go up on the roof and align and tighten them. 

The screws were a little loose. 

That's not why the antenna was drooping down. 

I discovered the real reason: Acorns. 

Apparently the local squirrels have been preparing for winter, such as 
it is around here, and had stuffed about a dozen plump acorns into the 
open end of the antenna boom. Besides their weight climbing out to the 
end, there was also the remaining weight of the acorns. 

So, the antenna ends have been taped over, but that's not going to 
prevent the squirrels from climbing out onto the antenna. 

Any suggestions on an effective squirrel deterrent? 

Greg KO6TH 

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