[amsat-bb] So50

wyattdirks wyattdirks at msn.com
Sun Sep 1 16:09:20 PDT 2013

Today and quite a bit lately it seems So50 is becoming out of control. A few thing to consider when working So50 and the other birds.

1. Don't transmit if can't hear. Really so50 should sound like your local repeater its its not then you need a better rx antenna or maybe a preamp. 

2. If you hear someone talking let them finish the qso before you call someone. Also if someone calls somebody don't call the same person before they even have the chance to answer the first guy. 

3. Don't call people blindly if your interupting a qso. And don't continue to call the same person over and over if they aren't responding. Let people that are actually hearing the satellite make contacts. 

4. Do work full duplex. If you can't hear when your transmitting you're likely cuasing interference. 

5. Do enjoy so50 as it is the only fm satellite right now.


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