[amsat-bb] Functioning satellites and their frequencies.

K5VOU k5vou2 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 30 15:35:12 PDT 2012

While in the process of compiling a chart for transverter control to 
work through transponders, the following was the result.
This does not include beacons.  I invite corrections and additions to 
both the satellite list and the mode name list.

Mode     TX Band                Rx Band                  Sats in the 
mode    Emission Type
A            144-146 MHz         29-30 MHz         AO-07 (A) 
B            432-434 MHz     144-146 MHz         AO-07 
(B)                         SSB
J             144-146 MHz     434-436 MHz 
FO-29                               SSB
FM        144-146 MHz     436-438 MHz         AO-27,SO-50         FM
V/U       434-436 MHz     144-146 MHz 
VO-52                               SSB



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