[amsat-bb] Five CubeSats altitude

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Sun Oct 28 06:43:11 PDT 2012

I'm ploting altitude of five CubeSats which were deployed from ISS.
The results is interesting. First deployment satellites are lower
altitude than laters. I guess this is related to initial velocity at

First Deployment
  deployment order: #1 WE WISH, #2 RAIKO
  altitude: WE WISH < RAIKO

Second Deployment
  deployment order: #1 TechEdSat,  #2 F1,  #3 FITSAT-1
  altitude: TechEdSat < F1 < FITSAT-1

I'm also ploating ARISSat-1 on the same chart as its time line align
to the five CubeSats deployment date. The chart shows five CubeSats
have large decay rate than ARISSat-1.

You can see the chart on the following URL.



Masa  JN1GKZ      Tokyo Japna

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