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Sorry folks, should have added more information. The Engineering department at the University of Southern Indiana is sponsoring a balloon launch with a paper airplane payload that will be released in an attempt to break the world record for a released flight. . Here is the USI High Altitude Balloon website: https://sites.google.com/site/usihab2011/

The balloon with have one APRS xmtr, W9MOK; and the plane will have another APRS xmtr, W9MOK-2.  Our main concern is the plane.  Tracking it so we can recover it.
The information that I have is that launch will be about 8am somewhere in Illinois.  The launch site chosen to the landing site will be in So. Gibson or No. Vanderburgh counties in Indiana. Exact time  and launch location will be determined based on mother natures whims
Thanks//Dave WB9YIG


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And where on the planet might this "local" event be? A balloon can have a
range of 400 miles or so.  Lots of us can watch if we know what part of
the planet this might be in...

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A local University is going to do a balloon launch and release a paper
airplane this Saturday. they will have APRS on both the balloon and
airplane with the goal to find both when they land. I won't be able to
join the chase but just for fun I would like to use my satellite antenna
array to track them. Is anyone aware of a program that will steer the
antenna's based on received APRS data? I am using an LVB tracker and Yaesu
5400 setup and have SATPC32 and Nova for windows if there is some sort of
an interface program.

Thanks//Dave WB9YIG
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