[amsat-bb] Re: fund raising for Fox

Roger Rogerkola at aol.com
Sat Oct 20 16:36:56 PDT 2012

I would reduce the paid up members fee to free, raise the dues a little 
if you want to, to make up for it...

Everybody has to use their AMSAT.org call sign, this would establish the 
current paid up database.

For Non paid up members you could charge anything you want...up to 
you...even sell monthly or yearly privileges...at whatever rate.

Responders to questions could choose to answer direct at no cost or to 
the BB at the going rate determined by their paid status.

Those who want copies of responses could ask for them and be included in 
non personal replies.

Different AMSAT organizations could provide members in "good standing" 
lists to the central clearing house "paid" members list.

Lastly, give a senior discount...oops, there goes all the 
money....forget the senior discount.


On 10/20/2012 6:46 PM, K4FEG wrote:
> I propose that AMSAT-NA start charging to post on the BB. My proposal 
> goes something like this;
> to be able to post on the AMSAT-BB, the individual posting must link a 
> PayPal account or Valid Credit Card that AMSAT-NA can charge each time 
> that they post on the BB.
> The fee schedule would be as follows: Members; $1.00 per post, 
> Non-members; $1.50 per post, a monthly charge for members of $60.00 
> per month for unlimited posts for that month and non-members a monthly 
> charge $100.00 for the same unlimited monthly posting. Then there 
> could be an annual charge to members of $500.00 for 1 year of 
> unlimited postings or for non-members an annual charge of $750.00 for 
> unlimited postings.
> Finally we could sell Lifetime Posting Privileges for a one time fee 
> of $5,000.00 for members and non-members a charge of $7,500.00.
> These fee schedules are in line with many of the other organizations 
> and just think of the funding that could be brought in for launching 
> new satellites!!

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