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To All
This is a great way to reduce the posts to a quantity approaching "0" Could
AMSAT save money?

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I propose that AMSAT-NA start charging to post on the BB. My proposal 
goes something like this;

to be able to post on the AMSAT-BB, the individual posting must link a 
PayPal account or Valid Credit Card that AMSAT-NA can charge each time 
that they post on the BB.

The fee schedule would be as follows: Members; $1.00 per post, 
Non-members; $1.50 per post, a monthly charge for members of $60.00 per 
month for unlimited posts for that month and non-members a monthly 
charge $100.00 for the same unlimited monthly posting. Then there could 
be an annual charge to members of $500.00 for 1 year of unlimited 
postings or for non-members an annual charge of $750.00 for unlimited 

Finally we could sell Lifetime Posting Privileges for a one time fee of 
$5,000.00 for members and non-members a charge of $7,500.00.

These fee schedules are in line with many of the other organizations and 
just think of the funding that could be brought in for launching new 

Heck we could have HEO's, MEO's, LEO's and NEO's. There aren't enough 
engineering schools in the world to help us build the satellites. In the 
last month alone the fees would have funded putting a linear transponder 
on the MOON!

This is just one simple man's idea of how we could raise the money to 
get us some more Satellites in orbit!!
Heck, we are being charged for everything else why not tap into this 
valuable resource and raise some money for a good cause!

And you folks thought it would be tough to raise the money!

The simple ideas are always the best!

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