[amsat-bb] Re: LEO to HEO

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Thu Oct 18 23:03:32 PDT 2012

Hi all,

For those interested in how to get from LEO to HEO - well at least to MEO, 
here is a link to some slides produced by David G0MRF back in 2009 that 
explains quite a lot about the subject.


As it happens I am presently on a very early train going to Glasgow to 
deliver the Flight Model hardware for the FUNcube sub-system for integration 
into the UKube 3U spacecraft. This is being assembled at Clyde Space Ltd and 
is scheduled to be launched in March next year.

The FUNcube subsystem on this spacecraft is intended to provide a linear U/V 
transponder for amateur use and telemetry for school students. AMSAT-UK is 
delighted to have been given the opportunity to join in this project and is 
grateful to those who made this happen, to all their volunteers who have 
worked so hard to turn the idea into a reality, and to the many supporters 
who have donated towards the costs.

As well as our FUNcube subsystem, there is also a U/V transceiver from ISIS 
BV on board and this also has AO16 FMtoDSB functionality as well.

The next couple of  weeks should also see us finish the testing and 
integration of FUNcube-1 which is another, separate, complete, 1U 
spacecraft, and which is presently expected to launch in April.

more news later



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