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>From what I have seen, a good part of the problem is not having an ample backlog of articles suitable for publication.  There are numerous reasons for this, but the biggest problem is that not enough members are submitting articles for publication!  I did write an article on this very subject which was published a few issues back.  Personally, I can contribute articles.  Unfortunately, since I have not been "on the cutting edge" of technology for some time, anything that I write would have to be historical and so forth.

I have been "around" for a LONG time!  Have been a member of AMSAT since the first month it was formed.  Therefore, I have seen the newsletter go through several transformations in content and format.  Some of those transformations were better than others.  However, since AMSAT is a voluntary organization, the quality of both the content and format of the newsletter is wholly dependent on the quality of articles submitted for publication and the work of volunteers.  Basically, the higher quality the articles submitted, the higher the quality of the content.
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Hello Ryan,

We are aware of the lack of timely AMSAT Journals and apologize to the membership. We have had some difficulties getting the Journals put together during this transition period between editors.  We discuss this every month during the executive teleconferences.  We are working on a number of different approaches and will certainly discuss it again during the BoD meeting next week. Expect some word soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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